TradingView For Windows 64-Bit Download

We have shared the latest setup of TradingView on this page and free download links are available for download. Trading View is a browser-based charting and analysis platform that allows users to track multiple markets. It supports stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, futures, bonds, and CFDs.

Its advanced charting tools allow traders to track price trends, create strategies, and backtest their trading tactics. The service also provides a server-side alerting system to notify them of market changes.

It’s free

Trading View For Windows is an online financial visualization platform that offers customizable charts, basic and advanced ones alike. It also allows users to backtest their strategies, which is an important part of creating a successful trading plan.

This free trading tool provides real-time data and browser-based charts, allowing users to research different assets and make informed trades from anywhere. It works on all modern internet browsers and operating systems.

If you’re a serious trader or investor, TradingView is definitely worth checking out. It has all the tools you need to make informed decisions and it’s also a great place to network with other traders.

Traders can create multiple watchlists and follow hotlists with top gainers and losers. They can even publish their ideas to get feedback from other traders and investors.

It’s easy to use

Trading View For Windows is easy to use and offers a great deal of functionality. It has a full suite of drawing tools, a large collection of chart types and time frames, and an ever-growing list of indicators and tools to help you find the information you need quickly.

It also features a screener tool that can help you find new stocks or currencies to trade. The screener lets you narrow down your list based on descriptive, fundamental, and technical filters.

You can also set server-side alerts to receive notifications whenever a price crosses a pre-set threshold. This feature is useful for traders who use supply and demand strategies, as well as limit order book strategies.

You can also create custom menu bars to make it easier to access your favorite charting tools. All you need to do is grab a tool from the main charting tool selection and click the star icon to enable it in your own menu bar.

It’s customizable

Trading View is a versatile platform that’s easy to use for beginners, but powerful enough for professionals. It offers extensive chart features that can enhance the trading experience for investors of all skill levels.

In addition, it’s fully customizable. You can create your own templates, set up profiles, and even overlay prices from different exchanges for a professional charting framework.

It also supports a trading language called Pine Script, which is designed to help traders build their own indicators and backtest strategies. This lightweight programming language allows users to build and share studies, signals, and indicators with the community.

In addition, Trading View For Windows also lets you save your chart layouts as templates so you can re-apply them instantly on any new chart. There are 3 default templates, but it’s better to create your own if you want more customization.

It’s social

Trading View is a social trading platform that allows you to connect with other traders. You can read other users’ ideas and hunches, share your own trading strategies and participate in trading chat rooms.

It’s a powerful tool for learning new concepts and researching market fluctuations. It also provides a variety of charts and reports.

One of the most popular features is called Ideas, where you can browse through thousands of trader profiles and choose strategies outlined by those traders. You can also communicate directly with those traders through a social profile.

This feature is especially useful if you want to test out your trading ideas without risking any money. TradingView also has a replay function that analyzes published trading ideas to see how they performed. This can help you determine if they’re worth following.

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