SlimDrivers For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

SlimDrivers For Windows is a free driver updater for Windows. It automatically updates drivers on your computer and allows you to set a System restore point. This software is extremely simple to use and is completely free to download. It also comes with a number of other features. Read on to find out more about it. This driver updater is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Free & Safe

Free SlimDrivers for Windows is a free driver updater that allows you to automatically detect and download the latest drivers for your computer. By using cloud-based technology, SlimDrivers can detect outdated drivers and restore them with just one click. It also has the added feature of a restore point, which allows you to restore the software to a previous state before installing or uninstalling it.

Its interface is simple and easy to use, and the large “Scan” button makes it easy to scan your system. You can also schedule scans by using the Settings menu. The program also lists updated drivers online, which can be manually downloaded or installed. It also allows you to create a restore point in case your system crashes.

Easy to use

SlimDrivers for Windows is a driver updater that uses cloud-based technology to update hardware drivers and save computer space. The program automatically detects when drivers are outdated and updates them to the latest version. The app also supports back-up and restoration of existing drivers, and enables schedule scanning.

SlimDrivers is easy to install and uses a 3-step process. After downloading and installing the program, users run a small executable. The software will then scan their system for broken, outdated, and missing drivers. Users can choose to manually launch a scan or schedule it to run automatically. Once the scan has finished, users can browse the list of drivers and download and install them if they wish. However, before installing the drivers, users should create a system restore point and back up their current drivers.

SlimDrivers uses a cloud-based system and crowd-sourcing to create a database of over one million device drivers. The software scans each device in a database and identifies drivers that are outdated or incorrect for it. Users can then install different versions of the driver they need on their PC directly from the program’s dashboard. With the latest drivers, users can ensure that their PC is functioning properly and that device errors don’t occur. SlimDrivers also allows users to create a backup of all drivers and restore them anytime they need to.

Driver updater

Driver updater for SlimDrivers for windows offers free scans and updates of your system’s outdated drivers. The software is cloud-based and is designed specifically for Windows 7. The program can quickly locate the most recent version of any driver and includes a backup option. It also lets you schedule automatic scans. It has a large user community and is free to download and install.

App Name: SlimDrivers

Current Version: 23.0

File Size: 3.9 MB

Driver updater for SlimDrivers for windows is a new way to keep your hardware up to date. It uses cloud-based technology and crowd-sourcing to build a database of more than 1 million device drivers. The program is fast and safe to use and backed by 17 years of experience.

The program scans all of your devices and identifies outdated drivers. You can then install different driver versions from the program’s dashboard. This will help ensure that your PC is operating at optimal performance and prevent any device errors. In addition, you can back up all of your drivers and restore them when necessary.

System restore point

When your system crashes, it’s easy to restore it to an earlier point with System Restore. It can help you to fix any hardware or software issues that may be preventing your PC from running at its optimal capacity. It will also remove programs that may be preventing your PC from running properly. To start restoring your system, launch SlimDrivers, and select System Restore. Then, select a restore point and confirm the action.

A system restores point is an important feature of Windows that can restore your operating system to an earlier state. It stores copies of necessary files and the Windows registry. Creating a system restore point saves up to fifteen percent of your hard drive space. By only saving the changed files and deleting the old ones, it uses less space than a full copy of the system.

Cloud-based downloads

SlimDrivers For Windows is a powerful application for updating PC drivers. It uses a cloud-based download system to store and retrieve over one million device drivers. This makes it easy to find outdated drivers and download the latest versions. This can save you space and time and get your job done faster.

SlimDrivers is a free utility that identifies and installs the correct drivers for your system automatically, and then backs up your old files. It also has the ability to schedule scans for driver updates and backups. SlimWare Utilities developed the app, and it is currently available for Windows.

The interface is clean and simple, with a large “Scan” button in the center. Users can schedule scans from the Settings menu or manually scan the system. Once the scan is complete, the program will list the updated drivers and let you manually download them. Another feature of SlimDrivers is its ability to create a system restore point, which allows users to recover their computers from system crashes.

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