MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2023 Download Free

The MTK IMEI Repair Tool is a portable tool that can be used to flash the IMEI of any device. Unlike other tools, this device does not require installation and can be used on any device. It can also be used to check whether the IMEI of a device has been changed.

Modem Meta

If you have an MTK chipset smartphone, you can use the Modem Meta tool to repair the IMEI. The program is easy to use and is compatible with only the devices that use the MTK chipset. It comes with an installer application, and it will help you to flash, backup, or repair your IMEI.

The Modem Meta tool can be downloaded from the internet and then installed on your computer. It works with all Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

It requires the MediaTek driver to be installed. You can download the latest version from the website below. Once you install the tool, you need to allow it to have administrator privileges.

Once installed, the tool can repair the IMEI on your Mediatek device. It will also need the database files from the stock firmware. Once you have them, you can restore the IMEI at any time.

However, it is important to note that flashing an IMEI that is not the original is illegal in many countries. Therefore, if you need to restore the IMEI of your device, you should backup the original IMEI first.

IMEI Flash By Meta Mode

The MTK IMEI Repair Tool is a small but powerful tool that allows you to fix the IMEI of your phone. It also helps you solve other common problems with your MTK-based device. The software can run on any Windows PC, including XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

This tool can be used to write IMEI to any MediaTek-based device. It is compatible with the following devices: HTC One M9, Motorola One M7, LG G3, OnePlus One, and more. The software uses the IMEI database file to write the IMEI to the device. Then, you’ll have to reboot your device to complete the process.


MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2023 is a free tool that can be downloaded from the Internet. It is useful in the process of removing tracking codes and IMEI of Android devices. The tool is able to do this job without any complications.

To use it, you will need to have your phone’s IMEI number. Once you have it, you can download the tool from its download link and extract the file on a disk drive. Once you’ve extracted the file, all you need to do is run the software from the extracted folder.

App Details

App Name: MTK IMEI Repair Tool

Current Version: 2023

File Size: 6.5 MB

After downloading the tool, you should connect your MediaTek smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. After connecting your device to the computer, open the application you just downloaded from the folder.

Then, enter your IMEI number into the tool area and click on the Write IMEI button. When the writing process is finished, you should receive a green signal from your device. Finally, reboot the device to see the changes.


To install the MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2023, you need to download the software and connect your MTK Android device to your PC. Once the connection is made, the software will detect your device and start installing the drivers it needs to make your device work.

Once detected, a driver dialog box will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions. You may have to reconnect your device two or three times to fully install the drivers. Once completed, you can reboot your device to test the repairs.

The MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2023 can repair IMEI on Mediatek devices. To use this tool, you will need a stock firmware file from your device and a database file.

Once the database file is on your computer, the software will install and perform the necessary repairs. The software is free to download and requires a Windows PC.


MTK IMEI Repair Tool 2023 is a mobile phone repair software that works on MediaTek devices. It also has features that are universal and work on other chipset boards. The program is portable and does not require pre-installation. It lets you easily write an IMEI on any device. It also lets you check if the IMEI has been changed.

It works with most MediaTek devices, including feature phones, android tablets, and more. It can be used to fix IMEI problems on new and old models. The tool is free and can be downloaded to any computer.

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