HTC Sync Manager 2023 For Windows 10 64-Bit Download Free

HTC Sync Manager For Windows is an excellent way to sync contacts, calendars, web browser bookmarks, and other data between your Android phone and PC. It can also back up data.

However, this application is not ideal for simple text files. It focuses on keeping backups of multimedia content. This program is a great addition to your Android phone and is available for free download.

Sync contacts

HTC Sync Manager is a tool that allows you to synchronize your phone with your computer. It is designed to do a variety of tasks, but its main purpose is to synchronize your contacts, calendar, and web browser bookmarks. Moreover, it also supports Microsoft Outlook Express. It can even sync minor details, such as the world clock.

The software works with both Android and iOS gadgets. It can also back up personal files such as contacts and bookmarks. The best part is that it can be used to sync multiple devices, which is great if you have a family of gadgets. Another advantage is that the program can sync all of your contacts, as well as media.

HTC Sync Manager is an application that enables you to synchronize media files, contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, documents, and other data. It also allows you to manage the synced data from any computer without the need for a LAN connection. Its web-based design makes it easy to install and use.

Sync calendar

HTC Sync Manager for Windows is an application that enables you to synchronize personal data between your Windows-based PC and your HTC smartphone. It can be used to synchronize calendars, contacts, emails, projects, photos, videos, and more. It is compatible with both Outlook Express. It is available for free.

HTC Sync is popular in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The application has been officially developed by the HTC Corporation and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It syncs with many online services, including Google and Dropbox. Other features include auto sync, which keeps the data up to date.

App Details

App Name: HTC Sync Manager

Current Version: 4.1

File Size: 142 MB

HTC Sync Manager for Windows is a lightweight application with an attractive interface. It can also sync your contacts, calendar, and bookmarks. In addition to syncing your data, HTC Sync Manager for Windows also allows you to install new applications to your HTC phone.

Sync web browser bookmarks

HTC Sync Manager is a program that syncs personal information between your computer and HTC smartphone, whether you’re using Windows or Mac OS. This program offers several useful features, including the ability to synchronize your contacts, calendar, and emails. It also lets you import your music library, photos, and videos.

In addition to syncing your web browser bookmarks, the program also allows you to edit and save personal videos. Sync Manager is compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

You can even create your own playlists. Sync Manager also automatically syncs your contacts, calendar, and web browser bookmarks. The program also serves as a backup in case you lose your phone.

The program will appear on your PC as an icon. This program will sync media, calendar events, contacts, and web browser bookmarks between your PC and HTC phone. The program also lets you back up your important files to a secure location.

Backup data

You can use the HTC Sync Manager for Windows to back up your files to your PC. This application allows you to back up all media content on your device and restore them from a previous backup. The backup process may take a few minutes. Once completed, select Restore to restore the files.

HTC Sync Manager is an app for Windows that allows you to back up data from your HTC phone. Once you’ve backed up your data, you can easily restore it to the same phone or a different one. The app can also help you synchronize files between HTC phones.

Another option is to use the Microsoft OneDrive online sync manager. Though the Microsoft OneDrive interface is a little clunky, it works well and lets you control the permissions for your files.

This is a great option for those who use multiple devices. Another great feature of OneDrive is that you don’t have to install it on your PC, and you can access your files on any device you own. However, you must make sure you have an internet connection so the application can function properly.

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