Realtek Lan Driver For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

If you have a RealTek LAN card, you need to upgrade its driver to fix various issues. To do this, visit the device manager configuration window and choose the option Upgrade Driver. You can also use the Windows search tool to find the Realtek Ethernet Lan driver archive. After you download the driver, you can choose to install or update it.


Windows users who encounter problems with their LAN drivers may find the latest RealTek Lan driver download useful. It not only resolves issues with NICs but also improves stability and eliminates conflicts with other drivers. Once downloaded, the driver needs to be extracted and then run on your PC.

Alternatively, you may opt to subscribe to a monthly driver support service that helps you find and install the latest drivers for your Windows devices. The service is helpful for users who encounter driver installation problems on a regular basis, and it also offers additional features and optimizations to the operating system.

You can download the Realtek Lan driver for Windows for free from the manufacturer’s website. This driver supports over 35 different networking chip models and is language-independent. However, you should make sure that the download you have downloaded is compatible with the version of Windows that you are using.


The latest Realtek Lan Driver For Windows Update will address a number of issues and improve the performance of your RealTek LAN drivers. However, it may introduce some unexpected problems. To avoid these problems, you can roll back the driver using Device Manager. This utility will help you roll back driver changes in case you find that you are having trouble with the updated driver.

You can also check the current version of your network adapter by opening the Windows Settings window. The settings window will open and allow you to click the Network adapter icon. From the list, you can select Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and click Uninstall or Change. You can also click on the menu bar and click Hardware Change. When you’re done, the driver will be updated and Windows will restart.


To roll back a driver update on Windows, you can use the Device Manager. This is found in the Control Panel. Then select the device you want to roll back. Once you’ve selected it, a dialog box will open asking if you want to roll back. Click the Yes button to confirm the action.

If you notice a yellow exclamation mark on your system, the driver is not properly loaded. This may be due to a conflict between two drivers or a missing driver. It can also affect your internet connection. Fortunately, reverting the driver is very simple.

Compatibility with other drivers

When you have a RealTek LAN adapter, you’ll want to make sure you install the appropriate driver. Some drivers conflict with others ones, causing crashes, system instability, and data loss if your system crashes. To solve such conflicts, you should download the Realtek Lan Driver for Windows. You can then download and install the file manually, or use an automatic driver updater tool.

App Name: Realtek Lan Driver

Current Version: Updated

File Size: 10.1 MB

To get the latest driver for your network card, you must first download the latest driver for your motherboard and then transfer it to Windows 10. If you haven’t done this, you can also use a free tool to update your drivers automatically. However, this tool will be useless if you’re not connected to the internet.

Requires Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is a great tool for updating drivers. It can automatically scan your computer to find outdated drivers and automatically install the updated version. It can fix hardware problems caused by faulty drivers and make your computer run faster. Drivers are critical to your computer and help Windows communicate with your hardware. They are also responsible for enabling your computer to access all of its features, such as video and audio.

Once you have downloaded the updated version of the Realtek LAN driver, you can test your device by connecting to your wireless network. If you’re still having problems, you can download the driver from the manufacturer’s website. Otherwise, you can use Device Manager to download the latest driver for your Realtek device. After downloading the updated driver, Advanced Driver Updater will perform a system-wide scan to find outdated drivers, replace them, and install the latest version of the Realtek device.

Download from the official Dell website

It is not easy to download Dell Network (LAN) drivers. There is a lack of reliable sources for such downloads, and it also becomes a tedious and repetitive task. Furthermore, it is very risky to install the wrong driver, which may result in Windows malfunctioning and rendering the PC useless. That is why it is very important to download the driver from a reliable source.

Once you have downloaded the driver, install it on your computer. To install it, follow the instructions provided on the installation page. Then, reboot your computer. You can also use the driver on your laptop by following the installation steps on the official website.

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