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If you’re planning on purchasing Native Instruments’ flagship DJ software, you should read this review of Traktor Pro 2 for Windows. We’ll look at its features, how it integrates with the CDJ series and 3 layout options. We’ll also discuss how the remix deck is an essential feature. Here are some tips to get started.

Traktor Pro 2 Overview

Native Instruments’ flagship DJ software for Windows is TRAKTOR PRO 2. Featuring more than 30 professional DJ effects and four separate effects units, this program takes remixing to the next level.

It also includes the ability to record audio from multiple sources. This software is a must-have for any aspiring DJ, especially those who want to impress their friends and family. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at each of these features, and see how they can benefit you.

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When preparing to DJ, a user should always analyze the songs they’re using. In addition to automatically creating beat grids and setting metadata, it’s best to analyze the tracks beforehand.

This not only saves CPU power but also allows for an accurate analysis of the track before playing it. For a lower-end laptop, analyzing songs on the fly is not recommended.

Ultimate Features

You may be wondering if Traktor Pro 2 has a remix deck. This feature is available on the next version of the DJ software. Remix decks are essentially decks that have all the general functions of a DAW and are mapped to a standard MIDI controller like the Native Instruments MASCHINE.

Traktor’s Controller Manager lets you map the different functions to the buttons on your favorite MIDI controller. First, you’ll need a controller with RGB buttons.

The Remix Deck feature is available in two workflows. The first workflow requires you to prepare a remix set, and the second workflow is based on launching sample sets during a gig.

You can either select one of these two workflows or a combination of both. This feature is particularly useful if you frequently perform live and want to create new sounds for a DJ set. Alternatively, you can create a new remix set using samples you’ve imported in Traktor Pro 2.

It integrates with CDJ Series

The latest version of Traktor Pro 2 for Windows has been released and includes the integration of CDJ series players. Users can use the software with any CDJ player with the proper drivers installed. In addition, the latest version of Traktor also includes support for Beatport, so you can play your favorite music through it.

Native Instruments also says the new version has improved performance with the Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 and XDJ-700. The CDJ-3000 integration comes with a touch display, RGB waveforms, and all the usual performance features you would expect from modern DJ software.

The extra-large display of the CDJ-3000 makes viewing TRAKTOR waveforms crisper and more immersive. Large browser fonts and cover artwork on the central jog display make browsing large libraries much easier.

Harmonic mixing is easier to understand with the new integration. The dedicated CDJ display buttons link to Key Shift functions in TRAKTOR software. The new integration also makes DJing on an external CDJ feel much like using it within the TRAKTOR software.

Several layout options

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 For Windows comes with three different layout options. The most popular one is the classic layout, which combines the classic Traktor Pro interface with stacked waveforms.

This layout also includes hot cue buttons, play/cue buttons, looping controls, and a visual representation of a platter for each deck. This option is not available for iOS, due to the lack of screen real estate.

The layouts of Traktor Pro 2 For Windows come with three options: simple, advanced, and custom. Each option caters to a different DJ style. The simple layout emulates the interface of Serato, eliminating the sample deck, FX, and mixer, but preserving a few other features.

It also has more browsing windows and waveforms. This layout is best for hip-hop DJs, while the advanced layout is better suited to techno and electronic music producers.

It integrates with DJM-900 Nexus Mixer

The new version of Traktor Pro 2 for Windows seamlessly integrates with the DJM-900 Nexus Mixer. This new DJM-900 has USB sound card support and allows simultaneous input/output of stereo signals. It also has 96 kHz/24-bit high-sampling processing for superb audio quality.

If you want to use the Nexus with TRAKTOR software, you can easily midi-map it to any Traktor effect using your DJM-900 Nexus. Then, connect the mixer to your computer and configure the sound card and audio routing.

The DJM-900nexus is equipped with 13-beat effects, including two new ones. These are easily accessible via the X-Pad and selectable knob, so you can tweak and adjust the parameters of each one. It’s a versatile DJM-900 with a wealth of features and capabilities. If you’re into dual-djing, this mixer will satisfy your needs.

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